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RoboCom's products have resulted from our extensive experience in electronics and communications, including products that resulted from our principal work activity as test, simulation, emulation, development productivity, and diagnostics/test applications. Our products are based on a strong commitment to research and development, as well as industry-wide standards, and addresses both customer's business and technology demands.


RoboComRT: Real-time low latency scheduler, standard Linux hardware.
RoboScope: Lightweight, browser-based remote monitor and control.
RoboComNV: Simulation and prototype visualization.
RoboComEV: Application real-time tracing visualization.

Contact us to discuss how you might use these a starting point in your project, or how we can efficiently customize our products for your requirements.

Low Latency Scheduler

Low Latency Scheduler

RoboComRT: framework for real time applications leveraging multi-core processing.

Web Monitor & Control

RoboScope: remote monitor and control application for embedded systems.

Network Visualizer

RoboComNV: improve evaluation and monitoring of complex wireless network systems.
Embedded Visualizer

Embedded Visualizer

RoboComEV: precise software logic analyzer to record, observe & analyze application timing.

OPNET Wireless Suite

Custom additions to OPNET to support wireless networking development, simulation, and analysis.
iNET Radio Simulator

Radio Emulators

Custom lightweight emulators for networked radios & communications devices.
Network Impairment Software

Network Impairment Software

Generates network impairments over IP networks.
Application Source Code Generator

Application Source Code Generator

Database driven code generator with foreign language import & export support.


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