Our Products

The following is a list of our products which resulted from our extensive experience in the telecom and communications sectors, including products that resulted from our principal work activity as test, simulation, emulation, development productivity, and diagnostics/test applications. Our products are based on a strong commitment to research and development, as well as industry-wide standards, and addresses both customer's business and technology demands. Contact us to discuss how you might use "as is", or how we might customize one of our products for your specific requirements.

Low Latency Scheduler

RoboComRT implements a real-time low latency scheduler for execution on low cost embedded or desktop Linux OS and hardware. It is a generalized framework for creating real time applications in C++ that leverage the power of multi-core processing. This modular and highly flexible framework provides upstream control via SNMP or RESTful APIs, startup and dynamic runtime configuration via XML, an integral HTTP/S web server with mobile friendly content for secure status and control, file transfers via an FTP/S client, multi-node time synchronization via PTP/IEEE-1588, & custom TCP or UDP messaging for upstream/downstream control.


OPNET Wireless Network Suite

We have Riverbed OPNET modeler simulation capabilities and expertise for testing out networking and communications protocols at scales that are impossible to replicate with hardware. Our OPNET Wireless Network Suite implements additions to the Riverbed OPNET Network Modeler and Wireless Network Simulator to support wireless networking development, simulation, and analysis.


Web Monitor & Control

RoboScope is a customizable lightweight browser based remote monitor and control application ideal for embedded systems that provides real time imaging using standard web browsers on commodity hardware and operating system platforms. It is based on the popular open source and readily customizable and extendable Django/Python/SQLite framework and provides upsteam control and status via a fully featured RESTful API interface.

Network Visualizer

RoboComNV implements a real time streaming blank “canvas” that is driven by a controlling application. It provides a 2D spatial layout of communications nodes that are created or deleted by the controlling application, connections between nodes, and includes node mobility. This application allows the controlling application to create and populate several 2D line charts with networked streamed content.

Embedded Visualizer

RoboComEV was developed to provide a microsecond precise "software logic analyser" to record, observe, and analyze application timing. This tool is cross platform and allows us to instrument our custom software to profile and view thread duty cycles, algorithm execution times, real time status obtained from external interfaces, etc. This type of tool is available for expensive commercial real time platforms and RTOS distributions but lacking for embedded and desktop Linux and Windows developments.

Radio Emulators

We have created several lightweight, cross platform applications which emulate the network messaging interface for networked radios or communications devices. These applications mimick the outwardly observable real time behavior of the interfaces of an existing or proposed target device as hardware in the loop (HWIL) to allow for system level development and testing in the absence of the actual radio hardware. Our emulators operate real time on the control plane of a network device, and data plane as required.

Network Impairment Software

NetImpair is an IP network emulator software that can generate impairments over IP networks (IPv4 and IPv6) such as: latency, delay, jitter, bandwidth limitation, loss, and duplications of the packets. NetImpair allows you to disturb flows over an IP network helping to study the behavior of applications, devices or services in a disturbed network environment.


Application Source Code Generator

We have developed a software development productivity tool as a database driven application which implements source code generation using code templates in various development languages populated with content resulting from template embedded SQL queries, with foreign language import and export for Software Internationalization.


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