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We provide a wide range of services to our customers focused on their needs and requirements. We have decades of experience in a broad range of technical fields and pride ourselves in our ability to quickly take on new challenges and leverage our experiences into cost effective and reliable solutions. We have collective experiences well beyond the specific service details listed below. Read more about our capabilitieswork experience or productsContact us to let us know how we might work together to make your project successful.

Communications System Design Services
  • Requirements definition, analysis and verification.
  • Conceptual design.
  • Modeling and simulation.
  • System architecture.
  • System specification.
  • Risk identification, analysis and mitigation.
  • System design and development.
  • System integration and implementation.
  • System verification.
  • Ground and airborne systems.
  • RF communication system modeling, analysis, design and optimization.
  • Physical layer modeling, analysis and design.
  • Modulation, coding and error correction modeling, analysis and design.
  • Link layer and Media Access Control (MAC) layer modeling, analysis and design.
  • Airborne communication network modeling, design and analysis.
  • Airborne communication system payload design and analysis.
  • Airborne network capacity, performance and revenue analysis.
  • Development of standards and guidelines for tasks being performed.
Software Development Services


  • Background in electronics and electrical engineering.
  • Windows and Linux, desktop and embedded platform custom software development.
  • Knowledge of Object-oriented design principles, implementation, and design.
  • Knowledge of Design Patterns and Finite State Machines.
  • Cross platform development in C++ using Qt framework.
  • Windows Service/Linux Daemon startup, configuration, and operation.
  • Formal Linux RPM and DEB package deployment management, Windows Setup and Installshield deployment.
  • Preemptive Multi-threaded development for desktop and embedded systems.
  • Distributed control in desktop and embedded systems via CAN bus or TCP/UDP protocols.
  • Modular design, data structures and algorithm development and testing.
  • XML configuration with W3C XSD design, composition, and schema validation.

Communications and Networking

  • Full OSI communications stack implementations.
  • Internet-based systems.
  • TCP/IP, UDP, and raw socket programming.
  • Programming the Linux IP stack.
  • Network design and implementation.
  • Network security (HTTPS, FTPS, TLS/SSL, SNMPv3, X.509 PEM certificates, key management).
  • Network protocols (TCP/IP, UDP, PPPoE, PTP, NTP, ARP, RARP, ICMP, Tunneling/IP Encapsulation, etc.).
  • SNMP Agent functionality and custom MIB creation.
  • FTPS/FTP client support for importing/exporting dynamic configuration and exporting log files.
  • HL7 Interfaces to electronic medical records.
  • Custom networking protocols for both control and data plane.
  • PTP IEEE 1588 and NTP time synchronization.
  • Cisco Router Configurations and Networking.
  • SNMP Management.
  • Communication techniques: TDMA and CSMA algorithm development.
  • Long-Term Evolution (LTE) Wireless communications.
  • Network device simulators/emulators for control and data planes.
  • Cisco Router Configuration and SNMP based management and monitoring.
  • RESTful API implementations.
  • Experience working with RF systems and digital communications.
  • Experience with design and operation of Radio-frequency (RF) systems.
  • Knowledgeable with communication protocols such: I2C, SPI, UART, etc.

Embedded Systems

  • Experience developing applications which run a variety of OS/RTOS targets.
  • Embedded firmware design and development.
  • Solutions for resource constrained embedded systems.
  • Experience with a variety of CPU architectures (Arm Cortex, Intel, Coldfire, TI MSP430 etc.).
  • Embedded Linux platform tuning for near real time behavior.
  • Embedded software systems development.
  • Embedded RTOS: Coldfire MQX, TI-RTOS, TI DSP/BIOS, uClinux.
  • Embedded Linux: Arch Linux, Embedded Debian, UbuntuMATE, OpenWRT, OpenEmbedded, Linaro, ADI Linux, MontaVista Linux.
  • Embedded system platform boot code.
  • State machine based behavioral model implementations.
  • Lock free wait free multi-threaded application development.
  • Implementation of single tier HTTPS server for embedded systems.
  • Embedded cross platform development with and without GUIs based on the Qt framework.
  • Designs for low power consumption using dual processors (e.g. MSP430 and TI DSP).
  • Hardware device drivers and board support packages.
  • Embedded QT application development in Linux in C++.
  • Experience developing low level device drivers for hardware peripheral interfaces such as SPI, I2C, USB, LCD, ADC, DAC, RFIC.
  • USB skills working with embedded USB host and device hardware and firmware.

Enterprise Systems Development and Databases

  • Experience developing with SQL and RDBMS(s): Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, SQLite, MySQL, NoSQL.
  • Client server designs of multiple tier architectures.
  • Database architecture and design, normalization, and client-server application development.
  • Mainframe connectivity and data mining.
  • Image file validation and file type/format conversions.
  • Computer Output to Laser Disk (COLD) storage.
  • Legacy Systems Transformation. For example, transformation of Microsoft Excel based records into a distributed multi-user solution using either Microsoft Access or SQL Server database back-ends to provide support for business intelligence, analysis, and reporting.
  • Experience with advanced query design, stored procedures, views, functions, index design and SQL performance tuning techniques.

Device Driver Development

  • Device drivers: Windows and Linux.
  • ODBC drivers to access mainframe database content.
  • USB host drivers for embedded systems.
  • SPI, I2C, UART, RS-232, RS422, FPGA, CAN bus, Ethernet, EHPI, and flash device drivers.
  • Dual processor high precision time synchronization.

Languages, Frameworks, and Graphical User Interfaces

  • C/C++/C# GUI for Windows Forms.
  • .NET Framework, Model–View–Controller (MVC).
  • Qt, Java, and wxWidgets cross platform GUI development.
  • C# cross platform embedded and desktop development using Project Mono.
  • Linux bash scripting.
  • National Instrument’s LabView and HMI.
  • Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC), ActiveX/OLE, Windows SDK programming, COM/DCOM.
  • Office Automation, Office Add Ins, MVC, OpenGL, ATL, WordPress, and DirectX.

Web Development

  • Web development for desktop and embedded environments.
  • Implementation of single tier and multi-tier web solutions.
  • Django/Python web framework.
  • C#, .NET Framework, ASP.NET, MVC.
  • Java, Python, HTML5/CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, JSON, Bootstrap.
  • WordPress, Drupal, CMS, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Photoshop.
  • RESTful service-oriented architectures with public APIs.
  • Lighttpd embedded web server and FastCGI interface and protocol.
  • Single tier embedded web server with Bootstrap content.

Reverse Engineering and use of Open Source Projects

  • Legacy application rework to provide resiliency to network defects.
  • Use and modifications of open source as part of broader solutions.
  • Re-purposing a portable computer by source code analysis, disassembly, and modifications.
  • Modifying a PTP client software stack to add functionality.
  • Modifying an LTE UE software stack to mine for and message link metrics.
  • Extending an open source PPPoE software stack for use with multiple connections and threads.
  • Extending a Qt/C++ based HTTP web server to provide support for the secure HTTPS protocol, basic browser authentication, role based authentication, and role based differences to web presentation and access.
  • Extending a Qt/C++ based web server to provide support for REST APIs and Ajax messaging.
  • Implementing SNMP Agent capabilities using a legacy SNMP MIB.
  • Creating a real-time spectrum and waterfall display viewer for the EMANE network emulation framework.

Integrated Development Environments

  • Microsoft Visual Studio, QtCreator, Eclipse, LiClipse, Xamarin, MonoDevelop.
  • MontaVista DevRocket, Crossworks for TI MSP430, Code Composer Studio for TI DSPs.

Network Emulation and Simulation

  • Real-time Network Emulation of military waveform using the EMANE framework.
  • Virtualization using Linux Containers (LXC) for running isolated Linux systems.
  • Custom EMANE shim development for specialized behaviors.
  • Development of a custom EMANE Jammer Network Emulation Module (NEM).
  • Development of a real-time spectrum and waterfall viewer for EMANE over the air interface.
  • Custom real-time radio emulators where a generalized solution does not provide the necessary functionality.

Productivity and Testing

  • Automatic database driven source code generation tools with user created templates.
  • Internationalization conversion and XLIFF support.
  • Visualization tools to support development and diagnostics.
  • Network and Wireless traffic/test tools such as JPerf/IPerf, nuttcp, and Wireshark.
  • LabVIEW and related test setup and execution.
  • Unit, Integration, Functional, System, Stress, Performance, Usability, Acceptance Testing.
  • Experience with code coverage and static analysis tools.

Software Development Processes

  • Analytical and prototype development.
  • Enhancement to standard models and tools.
  • Full Software development lifecycle. Ownership of complex engineering projects throughout life-cycle including specification, architecture, design, implementation, testing, and post-release maintenance.
  • Experience in a structured development environment with source control and bug tracking systems.
  • Source Control: GIT, Subversion, and Mercurial.
  • Bug Tracking: Bugzilla and Mantas.
  • Development of design documentation (requirements, flowcharts, data flow diagrams, state transition diagrams, etc.).
Network Systems Engineering Services
  • Wired, wireless, MANET and airborne networks network design, development and analysis, security, and quality of service.
  • Network design, development and analysis.
  • Network modeling, simulation and performance characterization (e.g. latency, loss, availability, etc.).
  • Integration network design and performance within overall system design and performance.
  • Network addressing, routing and protocols.
  • Network Quality of Service (QoS).
  • Network security and information assurance.
  • Network management systems.
  • Shared RF channel protocol development for standard and custom applications.
  • Packet routing algorithms using standardized, customizable or unique methods for mobility, path reliability or constrained parameter optimization techniques.
  • Analysis and retrofitting of existing communications waveforms for enhanced operational objectives.
  • Intrinsic network visibility engineered at the core level of product development for seamless deployment realization.
  • Networking proficiency across military, industrial and commercial system realization.
  • Implementation and adaptation of prevailing and forward-looking network software components for information assurance, security, service quality and reliability.
Modeling, Simulation, & Emulation Services
  • Wireless Multi-User Channel Access Protocol Modeling.
  • Network Routing Protocols for Wireless Networks.
  • Radio communication models using Riverbed OPNET Modeler and device common code architecture.
  • MATLAB radio modeling combined with Riverbed OPNET Modeler.
  • Unique expertise with OSI Data Link Layer and Network Layer and deep experience in Physical Layer integration.
  • Integrated communication system and network solution modeling.
  • Combination of network and communication system models into overall system capability analysis.
  • Network traffic and loading model development and analysis.
  • Network performance and capacity modeling and analysis.
  • Real-time network emulation using the EMANE open source framework with custom models and network emulation stack components.
  • Real-time spectrum and waterfall display for the EMANE network emulation environment.
Visualization Tools
  • Tools that allow for visual analysis of application operation in either real time streaming, or capture and post capture analysis modes of operation.
  • Application code is instrumented to generate visualization information.
  • A C++ library that acts as a software logic analyzer for microsecond precision capture with post mortem signal display and analysis.
  • Real time streaming via UDP messaging over the network to a Windows based display application.
  • Cross platform support for RTOS embedded systems, embedded Linux, desktop Linux and Windows, and OPNET simulation environments.
  • A real-time frequency spectrum and waterfall display application for monitoring EMANE network emulation.
Project Management & Marketing Services
  • Planning and leading the development of software based projects for the full SDLC.
  • Feasibility assessment.
  • Proposal development.
  • RFI/RFP generation and evaluation.
  • Development of Statement of Work (SoW).
  • Earned Value management.
  • Risk identification, analysis and mitigation.
  • Technical documentation.
  • Contract execution and monitoring.
  • Development and tracking of program schedules.
  • Strategic marketing.


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