About Us

RoboCom Technologies provides cutting-edge solutions in secure communications and networking, relying on substantial expertise in research, product development, and commercial deployment. As a nimble small business, we are efficient and driven to help you succeed. The systems that we create are used to support military and commercial network-centric operations. Our extensive experience in advanced networking algorithms, simulation, and real-time emulation drives innovative and proven networked communication solutions.

Why We Are Unique
Real World Experience

Few firms combine RoboCom's real world experience in developing and fielding real-time, low latency control applications on Linux desktop or embedded platforms, and advanced wireless communications and routing algorithms with the ability to create and evaluate simulation/emulation models. We have developed unique tools that can quickly solve development and integration issues.

Domain Expertise
We are unparalleled in network communication systems design. Furthermore, by combining state of-the-art communications systems design, modeling, simulation, real-time emulation, and implementation with a nimble business environment, we provide customers better support through the entire development and program execution process.
Example Programs
Example program experience includes:
  • EMANE WNW military waveform DSA network emulation.
  • LTE Link Aggregation for increased wireless system bandwidth.
  • Navy Anti-Jam data collection radio network protocol stack.
  • RF Channel Controller for IP-based Flight Telemetry.
  • High-speed Data Visualization.
  • Cognitive Spectrum Management.
  • Air Defense System Networked Radio.
  • Commercial MANET Radio.
  • Commercial Document Imaging Enterprise Systems.
Company History and Culture

Our expertise is based upon experience in military and commercial communication systems developments dating back to 1983. Incorporated in 2009, RoboCom Technologies is located in Cincinnati, Ohio.

We own the company, run the company, and simply do our best to serve the interests of our customers.

Experience Levels
Wireless Radio System Development - 30 years
Modeling and Simulation - 15 years
Real Time Embedded Systems Development - 27 years
Desktop & Enterprise Systems Development - 20 years




Ray O’Connell

Senior Systems Engineer

30+ yrs experience

Ray started RoboCom in 2009 focused on development of networking software products and services using the experience gained from the development of a wide range of digital communications devices and systems.

Bob O’Neil

Senior Software Engineer

30+ yrs experience

Bob has over 33 years of system level design and software development experience. Bob joined RoboCom starting with the design and development of the iNET Link Manager in 2011.


Michael Rauf

Managing Partner, Engineer

20+ yrs experience

Michael has over 20 years of experience in technology development and support including over 15 years dedicated to wireless, electronics hardware and embedded software.